The Octagon Conference is an annual colloquium designed to address one of the eight areas of inquiry of Life University. The conferences convened on the campus of Life University, typically follow a three-day format. The goals of each conference vary depending on the questions or circumstances being addressed. In general, they are generative in nature and serve as a means to guide and inform the staff of The Octagon and its related Centers.

The Octagon conferences seek to develop an inter-disciplinary faculty of content specialists, methodologists, and generalists. It is common for faculty to bring research, academic, clinical, business, and social science skills to the questions put forth for discussion.

The focus of each Octagon Conference since 2009 can be viewed here. [link] In addition a comprehensive listing of all Octagon faculty to date can be viewed here. [link] A year-by-year faculty roster is available here. [link]

If you are interested in being considered to be a member of the faculty of a future Octagon Conference please contact the Octagon’s Director, Gerard W. Clum, D.C. at